Hey everyone! I hope you’re having a great Victoria Day/long-weekend! After lounging out on a blanket in my sunny backyard I sure am! I’m trying to get a nice even tan for once. HA ~~~ Anyway I thought I’d use my blog to announce something that I am looking forward to this summer. And it’s […]


The Life of TCW

Hello! I’m back from my unannounced hiatus. It was a combination of the busy-ness of life and lack of good content that made me decide to take a break. Life is still busy, but I’m going to try and get back to posting regularly! Perhaps I’ll just write short life updates! Now on that topic, […]

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A Sky Captain’s Heart: Part 6

Skyler went back to the street where the initial attack took place in search of the mechanic shop, and it’s owner. The building was almost unrecognisable. It had taken so much damage that Skyler thought twice about entering. It was a wonder it was still standing. She heard movement inside, and she was curious enough […]

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A Sky Captain’s Heart – Part 2

Llewellyn walked through the bustling streets of Livada settlement 01 with purpose. Everyone was scurrying through the streets in a frenzie. Except Llewellyn. While everyone was concerned with securing their property before the imminent attack on their settlement, he was making his way to the harbor. He wasn’t concerned with packing his valuables and skipping […]

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