Spade of Tempest City

This week I kind of found myself scraping the bottom of the barrel, because I was looking through a bunch of my old writings and couldn’t find ANYTHING that I wanted to share. So I thought I could do a character introduction! What can be said about Spade? He is about 20 years old, but […]

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A Quiet Evening: Part 3 (Final)

We were patrolling the Forbidden Glades and had been for nearly a month. Cold and desolate, there was little to no activity, just a few weary sky fishermen who had crossed over the border. An attack was the last thing we were expecting. Montpetit insisted on going out with us into battle, despite all of […]

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A Quiet Evening: Part 2

A few hours later Jinny began to stir, only her eyes yearned to stay shut. She took two deep breaths, trying to awaken her senses. Turning over she discovered that she was laying under a soft-thick blanket and feather pillows. Her tired eyes finally opened and began to come into focus. The first thing she […]

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High School: A Summary

I started school last week. It’s a bit weird because it’s been 5 years since I have been in a school system and I’m choosing to go back to a high school environment. Yes. I am crazy. It’s been an interesting enough experience already that I thought I’d add it to my blog! Think back, […]

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There we were, sitting on the side of the truck waiting for the eclipse to begin. We were talking about what we would grow if we all became farmers when someone looked up through their eclipse glasses and said- “Wow, there’s a tiny notch at the top right of the sun!” We all followed suit, […]

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