Simply Me

Simply me.

Dreams for the future and the longing for summer.

Where I come from there are only two seasons. Bitter cold winter, and construction. Some people think it’s crazy to live here because the winter lasts so long, but the transition from winter to summer is one of my favourites. It’s called spring. Some years spring seems to last only a week weather wise, but this year it’s different. We’ve had gorgeous weather! From warm summer-like days spent on a drive at sunset, to rainy days wrapped in a cozy sweater. People are cautiously stepping out of their houses, hoping that the cold winter months are behind them, simply excited to be outside. Joggers, bikers, boarders… and me? I’m currently learning to rollerblade!


Trying not to focus on the stressful things in my life, there is little more than a warm day can do to make me happy. But going outside after it rains and hearing the birds singing, breathing in the fresh air, it’s nothing short of euphoric.


Summer is almost here, and I want to be ready for it! I’m creating a summer playlist called “Looking for Summer 2017” to quote my favourite musical artist, a band called Switchfoot.

The playlist consists of mostly upbeat songs that I listen to when I think about summer and the feeling I get when I listen to them is similar to the feeling of summer.

I’d like it to grow over the summer months and I want you (reader) to make suggestions! Please comment down below and I will add your songs to my playlist!


Today, I feel like an adult, instead of the drifting young human I normally feel like. Drifting, yes, because I have been floating around from job to job since graduating high school wondering but never deciding what to do with my life. That is not a bad thing, however, because I am glad that I took the time to really discover myself and who I want to be. After I did that, the career that I never knew I wanted presented itself to me. Today I started taking steps toward that future, and I am excited to begin a new journey!


I’m officially buying my car off my dad soon, so that is different. I am becoming more independant and that is awesome. But I don’t want to stop being dependant, because I need my parents, and I need my sisters and I need my brother. But most of all, I need Jesus.


My prayer is that what I think my future holds is in line with what God has planned for me. And I pray that the people in my life who love me will be there to support me all the way.

Shout out to all you lovely people who make me feel loved! Thank you SO much!


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