Oh, Canada

Am I the kind of person who doesn’t quit?

I’d like to think so.

I go on hikes to challenge myself, who cares if I sprain my ankle?

I’m there for the fun and the views.

I like to try new things that most Quote-on-Quote girly girls typically wouldn’t

I surprise myself when I find out that I’m having fun making a fool of myself

while the experts go on ahead.

But I get to the top only to realize I’ve made it!

Tears and sobs escape me and I can’t even hold them back

I cover my face with my hands for the little privacy it provides,

but soon remove them to take in the accomplishment!

I’ve done this.

Me, someone who has never summited a mountain.

I know I’ll surprise myself again when the challenge comes.

Here’s to the sunlit days,

It’s a good life.


Happy Canada Day! However a few days late, I was otherwise occupied this weekend enjoying this awesome country!

I’m discovering that I like to push myself, or prove myself in certain things.

So for my country’s 150th anniversary since confederation I climbed and conquered a mountain. For me, who loves to hike but is not athletically inclined, this was very challenging hike! There were times that I wanted to give up, but the thought of standing on a mountaintop overlooking a town below was more than enough to keep me going! Not only did I surprise myself in my abilities, but also those around me. They were also integral for keeping me going, encouraging me along the way and making me feel awesome!


It was on that mountaintop that I fully realized what I had accomplished. For avid hikers this may just be another mountain, because they do this sort of thing all the time. But this was my first real summit, something I’ve never done and so I was inexperienced. But I did it, and that is exciting!

See the mountain that is shaped like a saddle? I climbed to the far right peak!
There were some ominous looking clouds while we were up there, but it was an amazing view!
The view of the town from up top left me breathless! Literally!

I love living by the mountains! If you read my blog you may already know this. But driving out into the mountains is an experience like no other. They are always standing there, tall and mighty, but they seem to appear out of nowhere. Every bend you take there’s another mountain range, each and every one unique!


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