Sorry about the late post, I wasn’t feeling up to writing yesterday, but I’m better today! ^_^

I’d like to share with you this work of art(?) that I did for a contest that another artist is hosting. It’s in two parts and I’ll explain why. The theme was “conflict” I love the word and even more so when it is used to show character depth and development.

Meet Travis Cane, he is an antagonist in one of the novel’s I’ve written. I hope it will become a series but the first instalment is called Sky Warriors: Defenders of Eunnos!


Cane used to fight for a free Eunnos (the world where my novel takes place), but he was betrayed by those he called brothers. This resulted in him falling to the Badlands and half of his body covered in burnt flesh. Farrah, the queen of ash, rescues Cane and revives him back to full health. In which he is now in debt to her. Farrah has sworn to destroy Eunnos because she too has been betrayed by the Alliance. It may have started by Cane repaying a debt, but after a while his hatred for Eunnos consumed him and he lost his morality.


So as if Cane isn’t already a complicated person as it is, but he meets Jinny – who is a Sky Warrior who fights for the Eunnos Alliance. He is almost instantly impressed with her skill and endurance. She however does not see the same in him, so it takes him a while to woo her. After she lets down her guard he falls more and more in love with her, even though they fight on opposite sides. Cane tells Jinny that they cannot tell anyone about their relationship because Farrah would have Jinny killed. Jinny succumbs to Cane’s perseverance, but hopes she can convince him to come back to the Eunnos Alliance. Meanwhile, Cane see’s a slight darkness in Jinny and hopes he can bring her to the Badlands as a Ash Warrior.

Just to highlight some of my characters in my novel. GOSH I LOVE WRITING AND CREATING!


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