I wrote this last year in order to get an idea of these characters and how they interact. I rewrote it, but it is not “cannon” yet. I’d like to expand on this scene but that is another time. Enjoy!

“Alright lads, fall in.” her voice boomed throughout the hangar bay, as the four men scrambled to fall in line. Once they were standing at attention she began to pace up and down the line, sizing up each man as if this was her first inspection. In truth, she had hand picked each of them for specifically depending on their skillset.

“I am Celeste. Most of you know that I am your new sky captain,”

One man scoffed at this statement but said nothing. His eyes forward and hands clasped behind his back like the rest of the men.

Celeste turned her head and singled him out. “Step forward sir and say your name for the rest of the crew.”

“Leon Chambers, head of mechanical.”

“And may I ask you, Leon, what you think is funny?” Celeste said, her amber eyes bore into Leon’s.

“I did not sign up to take orders from a woman.” Leon replied with all seriousness.

“I see,” Celeste said clicking her tongue “Well I know that the idea of a female sky captain is somewhat controversial, but it is not your job to question my directive. However, I do not want to make any of you uncomfortable by taking orders from a woman. Anyone who has an issue with that can leave now without any judgement from me.”

There was silence for a long moment, Leon didn’t move, and one of the other men raised their hand hesitantly.

“Permission to speak Ma’am?” He asked. Celeste knew he didn’t speak the common tongue but it was hard to understand him.

“Please, step forward and state your name then your piece.” Celeste gestured for him to proceed.

“Arturo de Rosa ma’am. With all due respect, are you not Celeste Taylor? You have been the top of your class at the Sky Academy every year since you started. Is that true?” He spoke fast because he was nervous, which made it harder to understand him. Still, Celeste thought she gathered enough to reply.

“Yes, that is true. Although I didn’t feel the need to remind you all of that. Because truth be told, this is where it gets hard. We have been trained at the academy for years, but nothing that we learned has prepared us for what we will experience. There are so many unknowns about our line of work. Every day we will face the risk of injury or even death if we are not careful.”

Arturo stepped back in line.

“Now, if there are no more questions or concerns,” Celeste looked at Leon, he gave no indication of saying more. “Room assignments. Leon, meet your new bunkmate Vance Gibbons. Vance is our strongman, for lack of a better title.”

“Makes no difference to me ma’am.” Vance replied, his eyes remained dead ahead.

Celeste could tell he would have no problems following orders.

“Arturo you will bunk with Eleazar.” Celeste said as she stood at the end of the line where a tall man with dark hair stood at attention. The three men turned and took him in for the first time. He hadn’t said anything as of yet and some wondered if he even spoke at all.

“Everyone meet Eleazar, my first mate. You can call him Ez. He doesn’t hate it as much as he says he does.” Celeste said patting him on the shoulder. He and Celeste had been close friends ever since joining the Sky Academy and were now inseparable.

“Anyway, I’m sure you are all wondering what name we will go by once we take flight. Now I’ve told you about the dangers, and as there are many I expect the name I have chosen to chase out any doubts or fears you may have or come to encounter. It has been used only once in the history of the Eunnos Alliance, and they became renowned heroes. They were feared by our enemies, and loved by all Eunnosians. That is why I have chosen the name Dauntless. It will strike fear into the hearts of our enemies and give us courage daily.” Celeste said ending in a crescendo, raising her fist into the air. The rest of the squadron mirrored this and cheered excessively.



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