It was still the early hours of the morning, the sun hadn’t yet risen, but the compound was bustling. Apparently there was no rest to be had until Alanthra was avenged. Delilah knew only a handful of the fairies here, they had been her teachers and instructors at the East Fairy Academy. Now they were […]

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“What?” Delilah asked fearfully. Not only was healing her worst ability, but water and nature were a part of her. She’d practised the two powers simultaneously since her Fae manifested. “You mean just until I learn Ceremonia Vitae, right? I can’t forget my other abilities forever.” Ginger sighed as if she didn’t like the idea […]

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May We Meet Again

I’d like to interrupt our usual programming to bring you this special message. Dawn – A short story will return next week!  Traveling. Something I love to do, especially when seeing my extended family is involved. Travelling down to Idaho is a journey I’ve taken many times since I was a child. So I guess […]

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Dawn – Part 2

They kept ascending within the mountains until they came to a small cabin that stood in the middle of a clearing. It looked quite welcoming, but something about it felt off. Whoever lived in this cabin didn’t like being surprised, they had been strategic to place the structure in the middle so that it  was […]

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Simply Me

Simply me. Dreams for the future and the longing for summer. Where I come from there are only two seasons. Bitter cold winter, and construction. Some people think it’s crazy to live here because the winter lasts so long, but the transition from winter to summer is one of my favourites. It’s called spring. Some […]

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