Always Try New Things!

Three of my sisters love to boulder. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a form of rock climbing where you are not harnessed in and belayed, instead you free climb a wall. Don’t worry though, there are large mats at the bottom to cushion your fall. One of my sisters invited me to […]

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Where I’m At

I have many insecurities. Of failure. Of the way I look. Of what others think of me.   I was once told by a fellow believer/supervisor at work that I wasn’t good at what I do. And that may be true, but I didn’t do any better after that- because I felt like a failure. […]

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I wrote this last year in order to get an idea of these characters and how they interact. I rewrote it, but it is not “cannon” yet. I’d like to expand on this scene but that is another time. Enjoy! — “Alright lads, fall in.” her voice boomed throughout the hangar bay, as the four […]

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Sorry about the late post, I wasn’t feeling up to writing yesterday, but I’m better today! ^_^ I’d like to share with you this work of art(?) that I did for a contest that another artist is hosting. It’s in two parts and I’ll explain why. The theme was “conflict” I love the word and […]

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I try not to think about it Because she makes it so hard to believe. The cancer that is inside her rarely breaks the surface of her countenance. She is strong! She knows who holds her future And she has put everything she is into trusting Him. She leads by example – and hers is […]

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Oh, Canada

Am I the kind of person who doesn’t quit? I’d like to think so. I go on hikes to challenge myself, who cares if I sprain my ankle? I’m there for the fun and the views. I like to try new things that most Quote-on-Quote girly girls typically wouldn’t I surprise myself when I find […]

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Venting and Positivity

I know for a fact that everybody has bad days, or bad weeks occasionally. I had one of those weeks where by the end of it I’m hanging on by a string, praying for it to be over. I feel like there are so many things that have gone through my head this week that […]

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